Chapter 16 - MAXScript (3ds Max 2010 Architectural Visualization (Advanced to Expert))

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Beautifuly edited, about one thousand page book is definitely worth its prize. Close this window. Create new account. Wrong login or password. Two previous guides that led us from beginner to advanced level, were positively reviewed and raised my expectations greatly before another lecture.

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UVLayout's user interface. Three steps of generating seamless texture in Photoshop. The result of a simple rigid body simulation exercise. A basic foreground over background composite using an alpha matte. RizomUV released. Rizom-Lab released its first major update of the year for this standalone UV mapper. Lighting techniques, Materials and exercises to get Photorealistic Rendering. Wrong F-in Question - CG podcast. Listen to two CG buddies who've been in and around CG for a long, long time.

Corona Renderer 4 for 3ds Max released! A quick overview of some of the new features in Corona Renderer 3 for 3ds Max. How many particles Unity can handle? You need to be logged in to leave a comment. Don't have account? This volume represents a full consideration of the subject of scientific visualization and is intended to be a reference guide for the community on the technical aspects of the subject.

The topics co This amazing architectural model building contained in this brochure has originated research and development fir over many years. Our professional paper engineers and designers together with a large p This may be the most readable anthology that I have ever read. Replication guides are special additions to the syntax of the language that accept two or three one-dimensional collections and pair the members of these collections together to generate a one-, two- or three-dimensional collection.

In these cases, DesignScript can either connect the first member of a collection to the first member of the second collection, and so on.

These concepts may be difficult to understand at first, but once you see a few visual examples of how they are Implemented, their power and simplicity become apparent Ifig. Illustrates the ability of the replication and associativity concepts not only to reduce the coding burden, but also to clarify the code and link it more closely to design intent. As has been suggested several times in this book, once you have mastered algorithmic thinking and designed your algorithm in a logical and universal manner, you will be able to translate its syntax to other scripting environments.

The necessary elements of an algorithmic approach are the clarification of design thinking, the establishment of the proper parametric associations and ensuring the precise expression in the appropriate language.

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Iv3 - 1. II - nc. K 3S3v2. The script will then meshes a flat one and a doubly-curved one. You may extents of the resulting geometry m AutoCAD and rota see. Which shoutO b.

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I For a Mai diagrid. Hie class stores Its own irngtn and wrdW For both types ol d. As the name implies, this method can construcl a rectangular diagnd. This method calculates the unit distances for width and length, and then calls one function fo creale a set of vertices and another function to create triangular faces from these vertices These functions are the same as the ones implemented m MAXScnpt so we will not cover them in this tutorial The final step in Ifus method is to construct the diagnd by constructing an internal DesignScnpt geometry called SubDmsionMesh We use one of its constructor methods, called ByVtriicesFoceindtces.

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The translation was relatively easy because w, maintain an. The next tutorial translation from MAXScnpt to DevgnScnpt - the generation of a woven geometry based on a host surface - will illustrate how the combination of associative and imperative methods of scripting can fundamentally change our view of a design problem and more closely relate the algorithm to our intuitive understanding of its geometric and topological relationships. ByCoordmatesI II po. Point ByCoord.

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Chapter 16 - MAXScript (3ds Max Architectural Visualization (Advanced to Expert)) By Markus Boos In fact, publication is actually a window to the globe. You can download and read online Chapter 16 - MAXScript (3ds Max Architectural Visualization (Advanced to Expert)) file PDF Book only if you are.

Pomt ByCoordmatesl9. Pomt ByCoordinatesI The above code may look like unfamiliar syntax It is a simple definition of a range of vetoes For example. NURBS surfaces are parametric surfaces A point on the surface can be located by traversing the uand r parameters of the surface The pprameiers uand wary from 0 to 1 where Next, we derive a grid of points on the surface that are based on the range of the weft and warp parameters The above code is a powerful example of bolh associativity and replication guides The function PomtAtParameters returns a 30 point on a surface based on a set of u and v parameters However, because we pass it a collection of parameters, ih function automatically returns a collection of points Furthermore, because we wish to weave the surface in two directions that are perpendicular to each other la welt and a warpl.

These two simply-constructed lines of code save us the burden of writing iterative tor loops that would step through the weft and warp parameters in order to derive an ordered list of points Code statements such as give me back all the points on the surface at these parameters are far more intuitive to a designer than a statement such as for a variable that ranges from 1 to In order to create solid pipes, we create a base circle with the specified Ihread radius parameter and sweep it as a solid using built-m functions.

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We have matured in the area of geometric algorithms and can invent as well as physically build very complex geometry. The real challenge In parametric design is not how clever the algorithm is, or how complicated the output is, but in the selection of the initial Input parameters What parameters exist beyond the geometric one?

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Very few architects and software developers have taken on the challenge to classify, let alone Invent, systems that can accept fundamentally different types of parameters In order to truly connect parametric design to the everyday activities of designers, they need to understand and represent the same Issues the designers are working with geometry and topology, but also archltectuial components, materials, the environment and people.

Below is an attempt to classify and explain these parameters, in the hope that It will serve as the foundation of future research protects with the goal of Inventing more versatile tools to address this glaring deficiency in the current generation of parametric systems Mathematical parameters are the most basic type of parameter that are already understood by. ID modelling software: numbers, logical values and even strings of characters iwhich are represented internally using numbers.

Many parametric systems, such as spreadsheets which are undeniably powerful parametric systems in their own right , only need this level of parametric Input In order to calculate very useful outputs. Gaomatric parameters are higher-level entitles that are built out of the lower-level mathematical parameters. Examples include points, lines, surfaces and solids Most current 3D modelling software can represent and parametrically modify geometric constructs of various types. Is within, is outside of.

Most modern parametric systems excel at precisely these types of parameters. For example, a dlagrid pattern is a topology that divides a surface In a consistent manner regardless of the exact geometry of the parent surface or the resulting pattern.

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This allows us to disassociate topology from geometry while maintaining the consistency of our design intents. Most of the examples in this book fall under this category. Topological parameters allow us to consider Issues of form, composition and fabrication, and they open the possibility of further analysis as they more precisely define our design intent for how the parts relate to each other and to the whole.

Representational parameters describe and abstract entities outside themselves. Examples include computer representations of walls, windows or columns. In BIM, a distinction Is made between an isolated geometric construct such as a cuboid, and a brick wall, which knows how many bricks It has, Its own weight, structural strength, cost, etc.

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You should not make this decision lightly without understanding the algorithm and nature of the changes to your renderings. If you retouched the edges properly, the bitmap should tile seamlessly across the surface of your 3D objects when you use it as a texture map. The following code opens a. You modify the shape of the primitive, and then convert it to an Editable Poly object. You've also learned how to move objects as well as animate and render your animation.

Representational parameters allow us to describe some If not all of the physical properties of what we are modelling. They also allow us to aggregate that information so we can report overall values and quantities. Material parameters build on mathematical, geometric, topological and representational parameters by adding and connecting several physical attributes: weight, tension, friction, elasticity, structural strength, U-value, reflection, refraction, etc.

This class of parameter begins to remove us from the realm of self-referential geometric games and into the physical world of materiality. Good examples of parametric systems that accept and consider topological parameters are tensile membrane form-finders, biomimetic explorations, and particle and physics engines that can encode, almost at a cellular level, the physical properties, collision, velocity, gravity and structural stresses that a system is undergoing.

Future systems for parametric design In architecture should encode materiality and physical parameters, as this will allow us to model, predict and thus parametrically explore the performative aspects of our design proposals before they are actually physically built. Analysis software that precisely models structural or thermal properties should more fully integrate the essential material and physical properties in our geometric and representational constructs, such that they fluidly react to, propagate and give us feedback on constraints and interactions within the overall parametric system In real or near-real time.

Physics-based computer games and bioengineering research, however, have reached that stage and we would be wise to learn from their techniques in the field of architecture. Environmental parameters include the frequently invisible and fluid forces that surround us.

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Wi-Fi and GPS signals, growth and erosion are all examples of environmental parameters. Not many of us can easily imagine the path of a shadow as it travels during the day or the undulations of a field of sunflowers as they follow the path of the sun; this is why we find time- lapse photography so fascinating. Interactive facades that respond to environmental conditions usually the path of the sun are a good start. Human parameters form the seventh and most challenging class of parameters. Architecture's purpose Is. While we share many physical attributes and needs, we also differ in profound ways both ergonomically and psychologically.

If we arc to create humane architecture and one that creates truly customizable spaces, we need to be able to model our clients, their Intents and desires, and incorporate that information as parameters in our design systems. It Is truly shocking that. In many cases, incorporating the human parameter in our design projects and renderings does not go beyond the Inclusion of a scale model of a person.